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Exams are one of the worse nightmare at school or anywhere else you study. Since this will basically show the amount of hard work you have done to achieve your goal. Different people have different way to preparing for exams and some even stay all night to finish huge chapters. But not getting enough of sleep can affect you and your mind. So its always best to follow certain tips when it comes for getting prepared for exams. Certain people can even study in a normal place and some needs to be organized well and have proper environment around them to focus more. Below are some of the best tips on how to prepare for an exam. Go here http://elt.com.au/specials/  for more information about esl cds.

Start your studies early

Be it a oet Sydney or any other exams, its always best to start the revisions early than staying till the last minute to go through all the lessons at once and mess up. You have to make sure you give enough of time to prepare yourself and your mind and review everything you have studied. One of the best way to remember what you have studied during the day is to go through the days subjects and write it down in your own words. Ideally reviews each subject as you go can be much more productive than cramming last minute. The best tip is to study early and get to know more about your subject than hurrying at the very last moment.

Always organize your study time

You have to make sure you make and organize your time correctly to study. This doesn’t mean you have to take out your pte books and study for 12 hours. You have to set time for each and every subject you are about to take so that you will not mess everything up. Its always best to set time for each and everything considering other commitments as well. Plan what time fits best for you to study during the day and set a time according to that.

Look after yourself as well

Preparing for exams can be exhausting at times. But you also have to make sure you take care of yourself as well. A lot of people don’t take care of themselves when they are so into books and finally get pale at the end of the day without proper nutrition’s. Surviving on junk food is definitely not the best ideas since these food will make your sleepy. There are certain food that you might need to consider avoiding and certain diet plans that will be best fit for you. Its also a good to take some regular exercise when you are studying. Probably a walk or a small exercise to get going.