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High risk work zones can be loosely defined as tasks that are generally considered unsafe for human engagement. High risk construction work, for example, includes working with explosives, constrained areas generally considered unacceptable for human health (example: mines), tunnels, power plans, contaminated or inflammable atmospheres, etc.
The nature of these tasks inherently requires you to be mindful of the many risks involved, and it is expected that you would take as much as effort as possible to mitigate such risks.
Health and safety
Each jurisdiction is subjected to health and safety laws in terms of employees working in such high risk situations. The person conducting the business is mandated with task of ensuring the health and safety of the employees involved.
One way to do this would be to employ staff with relevant skills and practice for confined space training. For example, if you are doing a mining business, focus on getting employees who have had at least two years of training in terms of such tasks and who have also undergone confined space training.
Confined space training ensures that the relevant employees have the basic knowledge and skills to deal with a hazardous situation, and most importantly, to identify trouble before it actually occur. Hence this is a must-have qualification for jobs such as these. 

Assessment of risks
In a high risk work environment, there are thousands of possibilities for accidents to occur. It is therefore important that as many steps be taken to identify and mitigate such risks in advance. Inspect your work place regularly. Take time to walk around and inspect how people work, if the conditions are sufficient, and if the equipment is used properly.
It does well to keep in mind that a hazard or risks may not always seem very obvious. However, if you see any straightforward problem, attend to it immediately – most accidents occur because such problems are not addressed well in advance. For an example, if you see an oil spill, attend to it immediately. Chances are that an ignored oil spill can result in an explosion or a fire.
Consult your employees – they always know the ground work better, and have a better idea of any hazard that might occur.
Focus on legalities
High risk work places have a significant number of rules and regulations connected to them. This is, obviously, to ensure that your business does not end up affecting human health and living conditions. Being a formal, registered entity, working as prescribed by law will help ensure the sustainability of your business. Also pay attention to the human rights standards that should be maintained in terms of your employees. Good labour practices will take you a long way, since it reflects positively on your business.
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