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There are no dispute over the advantages of professional networking. We hear about it every single day. From professional magazines to websites like LinkedIn, platforms to promote networking are many. But do you find the same enthusiasm when it comes to continued professional development? Quite often, executives look at Continued Professional Development with a negative attitude, as an unpalatable cause. You probably think you knows it all, and following a course is just going to waste your free time. But in current context, professional development is one important component in your long term career success. And this is why you should included it in your New Year resolutions. 

Brush up unused skills

Although you may think that you and your group are well updated on specific expertise, an occasional refresher can be extremely valuable. If you have not been using a specific skill for quite some time, it gradually deteriorates and is not as sharp as you would want it to be when required. Was those CPD programs you followed more than five years ago? Your skills probably have become rustic since then. For more information regarding CPD programs, just go to this page : http://www.cpd.hk/ 

Be up to date

Regardless of the field you are involved in, your business condition will change. Staff change, working conditions change, regulations and business procedures change, and most importantly your job requirements change. Investing in your professional development is the best way to stay up to date on these recent changes.

Change your way of thinking

You work alongside your group each day. As a team, you get exposed to the same way of thinking and the same old way of doing things every single day. CPD make you come in contact with new voices, different methodologies and new viewpoints. Do you have an issue that you’re stuck on, where you have been wasting your time trying to tackle it without any luck? Relevant continued professional development program can be the stimulant bring in new conceptualizations and practices to your association and boost your performance.

Inspire your team

Nothing suck out energy from a team as the same-old, monotonous routine. Realizing that some boring activity is coming and that it will be similarly as unpleasant this year as it was a year ago can truly demotivate and cripple the team. You can change things! Continuing professional development is a brilliant way to show different ways to do a particular task and project to-date data and current industry trends once again into a particular task. Lead your team and be the one who come up with new thoughts, methodologies and strategies.